Bestway 12ft x 24ft Solar Infltable Pool Cover

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Product features:

  • Bestway 12" x 24" solar pool cover
  • Prevent unwanted debris and leaves falling into your pool
  • Manufactured from durable material
  • Added heat insulation benefits
  • Place on top of your pool water


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Detailed description

Bestway 12ft x 24ft Solar Pool Cover is a cost effective and highly efficient way to insulate your 24ft Oval Fast Set™ pool whilst shielding the water from leaves, bugs and other debris.

Unlike regular swimming pool covers the solar pool cover sits on the surface of the water, enabling less heat to escape. The surface of the solar cover for pools is covered in tiny air bubbles that have a similar appearance to bubble wrap. These bubbles absorb solar energy and transfer it to the water.

In addition to absorbing solar energy the tiny bubbles also prevent heat from escaping. It’s perfect for placing on your pool during the day and leaving on overnight, producing a near perfect temperature the next time you're ready for a dip. Not only does the above ground pool cover save on heating costs but, by shielding debris, it also saves on cleaning and maintenance.

Note: Bestway 24ft Solar Pool Cover is only compatible with a 24ft x 12ft Oval Fast Set™ Pool. Includes a 3 month manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re searching for solar pool covers for a different size pool visit the Pool Covers section of the Direct Aftersales website.

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